The cycles of creating your website


The cycles of creating your website


The cycles of creating your website

Take a look at the basic workflow of website or application developement all the way from the mockups to the final product.


Life cycle

  • 1. phase

    Preliminary meeting

    This is the first point of our common work. At this point you will need to describe your project in as much detail as possible. Take your time and write all the pieces of information that you think are important.

  • 2. phase


    After our preliminary meeting I start drawing mockups for your website or application based on the information you have given me. Mockups are a just a phase and are not the final design of your project. They are just guidelines.

  • 3. phase


    When you approve the mockups, I start working on the design of your website or application using Adobe Photoshop, so you can see how your website or application is really going to look like. In this phase we need to pay attention to UX/UI and we will be spending a lot of time communicating with each other.

  • 4. phase


    At this point, my job is to slice all the PSD files, which we made at the design point, to HTML and prepare them for development.

  • 5. phase


    After slicing all the PSD files to HTML, we start the development phase. At this point, my task is to create the dynamic of your website or application, which includes CMS for your content management.

  • 6. phase

    Application testing

    In this phase, my task is to spot all the possible issues that have arisen in the development phase.

  • 7. phase

    Application launch

    If the application testing was successful, we will be able to reach the last point - application launch. In this phase, you will need to reserve a domain for your website or application.